Post-show Q&A: Salisbury Playhouse

10 November 2018 – 10 November 2018

Join the cast, Clean Break's Head of Participation Jacqueline Stewart and a panel of guests for a 30 minute Q&A as they unpack Thick As Thieves and respond to your questions.

Dates & Booking

Salisbury Playhouse Salisbury Playhouse
10 November 2018

Join the cast and host of invited guests to discuss Thick As Thieves after the performance

The discussion will be taking place after the matinee performance of Thick As Thieves.
There will be a 10 minute break between the end of the play and the beginning of the Q&A session.

Post-show Q&A: Salisbury Playhouse

10 November 2018 – 10 November 2018

Join Jacqueline Stewart, Clean Break's Head of Participation as she hosts a panel discussion of Thick As Thieves immediately after the matinee performance of the play. 

Jacqueline is the Head of Participation at Clean Break. In her 16 years at the company, she has worked directly with hundreds of women addressing and supporting them with their complex needs. She has qualifications from CCETSW, for community work from Birkbeck University, for counselling from BASC, and a Cultural Studies Degree from UEL. Her wealth of experience is built from a career of working in deprived communities, residential social work, specialist therapeutic communities, resettlement, formal education and youth offending. She also leads on the trauma-informed model of working across the participation team and wider company.

Jacqueline is joined by the cast of the play and our invited guests:

Rose Mahon
Rose is the Head of Excellence and Development at The Nelson Trust. She has worked for the Nelson Trust for over 17 years and has been involved in developing trauma informed, gender responsive residential and community based services for Women since 2004. She originally led on the development of services to support and divert women away from the criminal justice system and our Sex Worker Outreach Projects. Rose is now developing our external training services and social enterprises to broaden our service provision and widen our social impact. She was the proud recipient of the Howard League Criminal Justice Champion award in 2017 for her “tireless work across a career dedicated to the pursuit of social justice for the disadvantaged and deprived”.

Kim Marsh
Kim is a Clean Break Member. In her own words, Kim has had “a colourful career” working as everything from a civil servant, to a teacher to working for a solicitor. She also worked as “a dope-dealer's receptionist” and during this time was arrested several times. Before she was referred to Clean Break she had “so much shame about her history she couldn't hold up her own head" but for the last four years she has been writing and performing her own material onstage as poetry and stand-up. She is also retraining as a psychotherapist. Needless to say, Clean Break is very proud of her.