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As we continue to recover from the pandemic, we know that we are facing new challenges. Our Members are amongst those who have been most affected by the long-term social, health and financial impacts of lockdowns and COVID-19. This has now been exacerbated by the cost-of-living and energy crises, the effects of which are being felt sharply by many of our Members.

We are raising vital funds to make sure that we can continue to create a safe community space where our Members can come together, be creative, access our holistic support offer, and progress into new futures in and beyond the arts.

Our funders also support our theatre work, bringing explosive new plays to audiences nationwide. Our productions challenge pre-conceptions and inspire new narratives, by telling the often-hidden stories of women and criminalisation.

There are many different ways you can support us, whether as an individual, a company, or a Trust. Donations and partnerships make all of our work possible: please support now and make a difference.

See below for more information, or please contact the Development Team on or 020 7482 8600.

“I’ve seen the impact of Clean Break’s work – both on the women it works with in prisons and students on its London education programme, and on audiences in theatres across the country. It is an organisation that changes lives and changes minds.”

Dame Harriet Walter DBE, Actor and Clean Break Patron

“It was overwhelming at times. Just because I’m not used to being treated with so much kindness, and this is something really special about this group and Clean Break.”

Clean Break Member

In Summer 2022, 100% of Members felt safe and part of a community

In Summer 2022, 100% of Members felt creative and inspired

“I can only give eternal everlasting thanks to Clean Break because they were the start of loving me, wanting me, helping me, fixing me, and allowing me to be me.”

Clean Break Member Artist

“I’ve never ever had anything like it and I am over the moon at the daily discoveries.”

Clean Break Member

“To be at Clean Break is to be breathing freely again”

Clean Break Member


We are enormously grateful to all our funders for their crucial support to our ongoing work.

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