Prisons & Women's Centres

Clean Break has run high-quality theatre education programmes in women’s prisons for more than 30 years

We’re able to motivate learners who have been failed by formal education by offering courses that are carefully designed to meet their needs and interests. Our courses are accessible to women with a broad range of personal and educational backgrounds, including women with specific needs or literacy problems, and require no previous theatre experience.

We have brought bespoke theatre programmes, productions and collaborations with other arts charities led by leading artists and practitioners into PIPE units and women’s prisons around the country.

For many years we worked under a prison education contract with Novus and we in Yorkshire we continue to work in partnership with the York St John University Prison Partnership Project.

Our Impact

Independent research by the New Philanthropy Capital estimates that, unlike the national reoffending rate of 23.4%, just 5% of women completing a Clean Break course reoffend.

The same research estimates that for every £1 invested in Clean Break, £4.57 per year is recouped from the public purse, soley through reduced reoffending.

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