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A women’s theatre company changing lives and changing minds – on stage, in prison and in the community.

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"Ambreen Razia, as Kat, and Ria Zmitrowicz, as Cherry, reflect the helter-skelter energy and passion of Hale’s lyrical script, which is written in urban patois and seems to relish the rhythmic beauty of words."

The Guardian on Blis-ta

"fierce, frenetic energy and infectious chemistry...[Blis-ta] crackles with visceral power."

The Stage on Blis-ta

"a stunning audio performance which opens the door to voices and stories we hardly hear of."

A Younger Theatre on Blis-ta

"a humdinger of an audio play written by the late Sonya Hale... [her] dialogue crackles and fizzes with a gleeful, rude rumbustiousness that is positively Shakespearian."

Lyn Gardner on Blis-ta

"Mesmerising, emotionally astute, lyrical...a powerful gesture."

Time Out on [BLANK]

"glorious in all its disruptive, chaotic, provocative, fourth-wall-poking energy."

The Stage on Inside Bitch