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A women’s theatre company changing lives and changing minds – on stage, in prison and in the community.

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Mesmerising, emotionally astute, lyrical...a powerful gesture.

Time Out on [BLANK]

Fiercely impressive and powerfully intimate

The Times on Pests

Clean Break has helped me to move forward and I'm really grateful.

Workshop Skills student, 2016

A moving work of unmistakable integrity and not to be missed.

The Observer on House + Amongst The Reeds

My confidence has improved hugely and I find my life has Improved, I find I can now join in without feeling shame and fear.

Functional Skills English student, 2016

This is one of the most generous, expressive, focused, compassionate and compelling performances you're ever likely to see.

The Arts Desk on Joanne

The performances are beautifully pitched, with a rare ease and naturalism. Hims’s writing, too, really shines

Time Out on Billy The Girl

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