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A bold and startling audio drama by Sonya Hale

Written by Sonya Hale
Directed by Róisín McBrinn

Content warnings: This play contains strong language, and depictions of violence, rape and abuse.

Kat and Cherry meet on the streets. Kat is wily, funny, and fierce; Cherry is a lost dreamer. Blis-ta is the story of their adventures to survive as homeless girls and the transformative power of friendship.

Written by the late Sonya Hale, who was a Clean Break Member, it is a visceral, bold and startling audio drama about hidden homelessness and the lengths women go to for survival.

A wild celebration of resilience, it will spin you through a mesh of joy, chaos and beauty.

Our thanks to Dominic Bilkey, Suzanne Diakun, Bertie Carvel, Holly Conneely, Jessica Dromgoole, Sarah Fortescue, Abigail Gonda, Sarah Kenny, Jeremy Mortimer, Lucy Morrison, Rufus Norris, the National Theatre and Elisha Sessions.

Listen to the audio drama, with an introduction from Lucy Kirkwood on Apple Podcasts, SpotifySoundcloud or Stitcher

Click here to download the Audio Transcript. 

"Ambreen Razia, as Kat, and Ria Zmitrowicz, as Cherry, reflect the helter-skelter energy and passion of Hale’s lyrical script, which is written in urban patois and seems to relish the rhythmic beauty
The Guardian

Listen to Blis-ta

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