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Lead still for Clean Break film, Hope


A film from Clean Break
two women wearing judges or barristers wigs and gowns, there is a jury in the background

What Does the Criminal Justice System Look Like in 2024?

Clean Break Trustee Naima Sakande explains what the criminal justice system really is, and what needs to change.

Pride Month Blog: Bent Bars

A blog from LGBTQ+ prison pen pal project
a screenshot of Yvonne Wickham talking on camera

Who are Clean Break's Member artists?

Cast members of The Trials and Passions of Unfamous Women share their experiences of being a Clean Break Member artist
screenshots of three cast members of the trials and passions of unfamous women on a lilac background

"Society as a whole are quite scared of angry women"

Meet cast members of The Trials and Passions of Unfamous Women, our co-production with LIFT and Brixton House
'what's she building in there' by Laura Dean

Virtual Gallery: Women/Theatre/Justice artist in residence

Visual artist Laura Dean responds to the Women/Theatre/Justice research project about Clean Break
An illustration of 2 magical women in the clouds

Five Strategies for Resisting Darkness

The cast and creatives behind the audio adaptation of A Proposal for Resisting Darkness share their personal tools for resisting darkness
headshots of Alison and Tanya on a blue backgound

Why does Clean Break have a Co-Chairing Model?

Clean Break’s previous Co-Chair Tanya Tracey and current Co-Chair Alison Frater share insights from their two years of sharing leadership of our Board of Trustees
An illustration of 6 magical women in the clouds, with the title 'A proposal for resisting darkness by Yasmin Joseph in collaboration with HMP Downview theatre company'

A Proposal for Resisting Darkness

An audio drama by Yasmin Joseph in collaboration with HMP Downview Theatre Company
Natasha on a stage, looking upwards, surrounded by Clean Break Members

Preventing violence by investing in hope

Clean Break Trustee and Agenda Alliance Deputy-CEO, Jess Southgate responds to this years 16 Days of Action Against Gender Based Violence campaign
A photo of Carina gardening

Dr. Emily Hart on Hope

An activist's response to Clean Break's film Hope
Natasha eating a pot noodle, wrapped in a blanket

What does Hope mean?

The message behind our film Hope, in the words of it's Co-creators
the cast of Hope embracing

Co-creating Hope

We asked Hope's co-creators, what was unique about making this film?
A blueprint for Hope front cover

Blueprint for Hope

A toolkit of ideas, exercises and prompts to accompany our co-created film, Hope.
Lead still for Clean Break film, Hope

Hope: official trailer

"It's not us that needs to change, it's the world"

What does being a research project 'artist-in-residence' mean?

Laura Dean on being artist-in-residence for the Women/Theatre/Justice research project
Posy in rehearsals for Dixon and Daughters, she is wearing a grey tracksuit and smiling

Dixon and Daughters' Posy Sterling and Deborah Bruce in conversation

The playwright and actor answered our questions about Dixon and Daughters.

Why does she stay?

Stephanie Covington explores the link between gender-based violence and the criminal justice system
a photo of Briana from Dixon and Daughters

How can we support survivors of Child Sexual Abuse?

Nicole Walsh on why CSA needs to be treated as more than a 'negative childhood experience'
a photo of the set of Dixon and Daughters which is a 2 story house

How do I plan a theatre trip for people with lived experience of trauma?

Our team have shared how they plan a theatre trip for Clean Break Members
a photo of Maya Ellis in a theatre

Co-producing a Clean Break play with Maya Ellis

Producer Maya Ellis explains how a Clean Break play is made
a photo of three cast members from dixon and daughters

Performing in a Clean Break play with the cast of Dixon and Daughters

An interview with Alison Fitzjohn, Yazmin Kayani, Posy Sterling, Andrea Lowe and Liz White
a photo of Deborah Bruce in a theatre

Writing a Clean Break play with Deborah Bruce

Dixon and Daughters writer talks about writing a Clean Break play
Emma Dennis-Edwards

Sisterhood and Storytelling with Playwright Emma Dennis-Edwards

An interview with Clean Break commissioned playwright Emma Dennis-Edwards
Nubian Co-hearts laughing together

Wisdom and Laughter with Nubian Co-heARTs

Interview with Nubian Co-heARTs, a Black women led theatre company
a photo of a young woman on a white background

To the Future: Clean Break's Young Artists

Creative writing by Clean Break's Young Artists

There are no women’s prisons in Wales. What does this mean for Welsh women?

An Investigation by Development and Communications Volunteer, Dulcie Fraser
Lucy Edkins in front of a blue wall

Lucy Edkins on being a Clean Break Member Artist

Interview with Lucy Edkins, Clean Break Member Artist
A photo of Jennifer Joseph against a blue wall

Interview with Jennifer Joseph

Clean Break Members Artist Jennifer Joseph on her role in Paradise at the Olivier, and what Clean Break means to her.
a photo of a woman performing to a mirror at Clean Break

Actions not Words: anti-racism consultancy with darvaja

Anti-racism consultants darvaja in conversation with Clean Break
A photo of JB Rose at the opening of a new women's centre, delivering a signing workshop with Clean Break Members

Singing Workshops in Women's Centres

Facilitator JB Rose on her creative work in women's centres.
a photo of the cast of catch taking bows at the end of a performance. they are smiling and have their arms around each other

The cast of Catch and Sonya Ruparel on the value of Women's Centres

A conversation with the cast and director of our play Catch and Women in Prison's CEO
a production photo for Favour, Aleena is holding Leila's face in her hands and looking at her. In the background a banner reads 'Welcome home

Why does the criminalisation of Muslim people need our attention?

Nejma Collective on why it's important to provide specialist support for Muslim people in prisons
Liz Whitbread presenting the I am a theatre exhibition

Liz Whitbread on becoming a designer

Liz Whitbread tells us about her journey to becoming a designer through Clean Break
A photograph of a woman playing drums.

Music Workshops in Prisons

Artistic Director of the Irene Taylor Trust writes about the transformative work of music in prisons.
The Typical Girls cast on stage, Lara Grace Ilori is closest to the camera, she is sat on the floor with her legs crossed, looking at the floor.

What is a PIPEs unit?

Lucinda Bolger, the National Clinical Development Lead for PIPEs tells us what these specialised units are and how they work.
voices from prison artwork

Voices from Prison

An e-book of writing from women in prisons in England and Wales
a photo of Fuke on the set of Sweatbox

My journey with Sweatbox

Actor, Funke Adeleke shares her experience of working on Sweatbox from tour to screen.

What's it like being a woman in film?

Sweatbox producer Clancie Brennan writes about being a woman in the film industry and the difference of working with Clean Break.
a woman looks out of the window of a prison van


Chloë Moss’s Clean Break play is transformed into an electric adaptation for the screen.
Roisin McBrinn Headshot

Interview with Blis-ta director Róisín McBrinn

Roísín's experience of working with Sonya Hale and directing Clean Break's audio drama Blis-ta

Waking Up and Surviving Everyday: Reflections from National Ugly Mugs

NUM Outreach Worker shares her experiences of street sex work and the need for women to tell their own stories.


A bold and startling audio drama by Sonya Hale
a photo of a woman arriving at a womens centre

What does Clean Break do in women's centres?

Delivering creative workshops with women in the community
a photo of Baroness Helen Kennedy

Imagine Another Way

Our Patrons, Baroness Helena Kennedy KC and Dame Harriett Walter DBE respond to questions from Clean Break Members.
A production photo from Blank

Alice Birch: “How society treats its most vulnerable says everything”

Arts journalist Holly Williams talks to Alice Birch on all things [BLANK]
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