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Lead still for Clean Break film, Hope


A film from Clean Break
a screenshot of Yvonne Wickham talking on camera

Who are Clean Break's Member artists?

Cast members of The Trials and Passions of Unfamous Women share their experiences of being a Clean Break Member artist
screenshots of three cast members of the trials and passions of unfamous women on a lilac background

"Society as a whole are quite scared of angry women"

Meet cast members of The Trials and Passions of Unfamous Women, our co-production with LIFT and Brixton House
Natasha eating a pot noodle, wrapped in a blanket

What does Hope mean?

The message behind our film Hope, in the words of it's Co-creators
the cast of Hope embracing

Co-creating Hope

We asked Hope's co-creators, what was unique about making this film?
Lead still for Clean Break film, Hope

Hope: official trailer

"It's not us that needs to change, it's the world"
a photo of Maya Ellis in a theatre

Co-producing a Clean Break play with Maya Ellis

Producer Maya Ellis explains how a Clean Break play is made
a photo of three cast members from dixon and daughters

Performing in a Clean Break play with the cast of Dixon and Daughters

An interview with Alison Fitzjohn, Yazmin Kayani, Posy Sterling, Andrea Lowe and Liz White
a photo of Deborah Bruce in a theatre

Writing a Clean Break play with Deborah Bruce

Dixon and Daughters writer talks about writing a Clean Break play
Emma Dennis-Edwards

Sisterhood and Storytelling with Playwright Emma Dennis-Edwards

An interview with Clean Break commissioned playwright Emma Dennis-Edwards
Nubian Co-hearts laughing together

Wisdom and Laughter with Nubian Co-heARTs

Interview with Nubian Co-heARTs, a Black women led theatre company
a photo of a young woman on a white background

To the Future: Clean Break's Young Artists

Creative writing by Clean Break's Young Artists
voices from prison artwork

Voices from Prison

An e-book of writing from women in prisons in England and Wales
a woman looks out of the window of a prison van


Chloë Moss’s Clean Break play is transformed into an electric adaptation for the screen.
a photo of a woman arriving at a womens centre

What does Clean Break do in women's centres?

Delivering creative workshops with women in the community
a photo of Baroness Helen Kennedy

Imagine Another Way

Our Patrons, Baroness Helena Kennedy KC and Dame Harriett Walter DBE respond to questions from Clean Break Members.
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