Blog: An interview with the cast of Belong part two

Marketing maestro Caro Boss caught up with Carys and Serena from Belong to find out more about the process and the experience in the rehearsal room.

CB: I’m here with a couple of people from Belong, could you introduce yourselves and tell me how you are involved with the project?

S: My name is Serena, I am doing show support helping with voice coaching, I am currently studying voice at Central school of speech and drama, I am here on my placement and I’m really enjoying it.

Ca: My name is Carys, I co-wrote the play with River and I’m also playing Frankie.

CB: You’re having to condense your rehearsal process into quite a tight schedule, how is it feeling in the room right now?

Ca: There’s a really great atmosphere, everyone’s coming together. We’re telling the story in quite an ensemble way, which is really great because it means we are all on stage the whole time. Telling the story together as actors obviously people play different characters, but I think that aspect of it has really helped it to be a really great experience. I’ve worked with a couple of the women for a while, but then a couple I haven’t met before so I feel we really gel as a group and it’s really nice to meet some new Clean Break faces, it’s been amazing.

CB: With this piece you are investigating youth loneliness, what do you think you are uncovering about that?

Ca: We started researching this topic last year and we looked at lots of research that has shown that young people are more lonely than old people. A common misconception is that old people are the most lonely, yes they are lonely but in a different way to young people. So, I feel that this process has uncovered that young women are a lot more strong than people give them credit for. The women are all lonely for different reasons and have their own struggles but they all realise at the end through their hardships that they have strength to get themselves through stuff. That’s my big take away because I think often young women are given a bad rep.

S: I think from a voice perspective it’s really lovely to help the process in a sort of meta theatre way. Like the getting out and connecting the voice to the text, there are different accents in the show, different ages. So it’s a really lovely vibe and a really lovely process that I feel is really connected to the themes of the play.

Ca: Yes, because it’s all about connection really, they find connection at the end. Female connection, women with women. It’s been great to have such support from voice and tech, costumes, design and movement, all the different elements coming together.

CB: I’m very excited to see it, thank you so much for speaking to me.

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