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Write 2 Connect

A letter writing project connecting women through the prison walls with women in the community sharing words of inspiration, hope and solidarity.


Clean Break Members Feature in Short Film

Earlier this year, five Clean Break Members who each served time in HMP Holloway took part in a collaborative short-film project with documentary film maker Clare Richards, exploring the importance of women's centres.


Clean Break Collaborates on New Short Film

Keeping Mum shows the reflections of three women in prison (played by professional actors and Clean Break Graduates) who recall their experiences of being convicted and explain how imprisonment has affected their families and children.


Clean Break Theory of Change Launches

Today our education programme launches Clean Break's Theory of Change. Developed over a number of years, the document examines the path of our work from needs to activities to outcomes to impact.


Clean Break wins The Longford Prize

Clean Break is proud to announce that we have been awarded the Longford Prize for our work with the Donmar and York St John!


Clean Break publish report Celebrating Success

Clean Break co-commission report which looks at our members involvement in community arts programmes.

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