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Clean Break's Double Bill will appear at The Yard

The double bill was produced in association with The Yard Theatre and Clean Break are excited to continue this partnership with a run in their home theatre this September.

HOUSE by Somalia Seaton

Pat returns to her childhood home after a five year absence, ready to forgive her mother. But first she needs acknowledgement of the neglect she suffered at the hands of a woman who believed she was only ever following the teachings of her close-knit Nigerian church - and the word of God. Somalia Seaton’s HOUSE is an explosive new play about family, culture clashes, memory and truth.


Oni and Gillian have made their home in a disused office block, finding dangerous ways to stay hidden without the authorities catching up with them. But now Gillian is heavily pregnant and visibility might be the only way to give her baby a chance. Chino Odimba’s AMONGST THE REEDS follows two friends struggling in the shadows.

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