Billy The Girl

Written by Katie Hims
Directed by Lucy Morrison
29 October 2013 – 24 November 2013

I wish you could just like consider – consider the chance of it being an accident. Cos you’re so sure. You’re so sure that I did this awful thing.

Written by Katie Hims
Directed by Lucy Morrison

29 October – 24 November 2013
7.15pm (& 3pm Saturdays)

Naomi Ackie
Christine Entwisle
Danusia Samal

Designer – Joanna Scotcher
Lighting – Katharine Williams
Sound – Becky Smith


Billy The Girl

29 October 2013 – 24 November 2013

Billy is out waiting for love where she last saw it. Her mum is certain love has walked into her life again. Her sister thinks love could still be found somewhere in the house… but Billy herself isn’t even allowed through the door…

In Katie Hims’ sweet, stark family elegy, love never dies but sometimes, like Billy, it has to sleep in the caravan with Frank’s ashes and a bear costume.

Clean Break returns to Soho Theatre following This Wide Night (2008/9), Charged (2010) and Re-Charged (2011) with this sharp yet gentle look at a fractured family dealing with a lifetime of mistrust.

Cast and Creatives

Joanna Scotcher – Designer

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Becky Smith – Sound Designer

Katharine Williams – Lighting Designer

Naomi Ackie – Cast

Christine Entwisle – Cast

Danusia Samal

'Both Lucy Morrison’s production and Joanna Scotcher’s set have a wonderfully lived-in feel.'

Fiona Mountford - Evening Standard

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