Compact Failure

Written by Jennifer Farmer
Directed by Sarah Esdaile
6 October 2004 – 4 December 2004

Rules are rules. But in a place where true friendship is gold dust, rules beg to be broken.

Written by Jennifer Farmer
Directed by Sarah Esdaile

Compact Failure

6 October 2004 – 4 December 2004

Compact Failure explores the relationships between three women prisoners: Chelle, Ruthie and Maya. Old-timer Chelle is lonely. Maya is missing her children who don't know she's in prison. Ruthie, in her early twenties, is a breath of fresh air for Chelle, who thought she was done with friendship.

Jennifer Farmer's sharp and richly textured narrative is about the hierarchy of prison life, its impact on families and visitors, challenges or release and resettlement and, ultimately, redemption.

Cast and Creatives

Jennifer Farmer

Claire-Louise Cordwell

Lorna Gayle

Sharlene Whyte

Ilona Sekacz
Sound Designer

Sarah Esdaile

960x576 placeholder

Ti Green

Natasha Chivers
Lighting Designer

But it has a scope, a rage, a sparky flame of life about it that makes it compelling and thoroughly enjoyable. It confirms Farmer's promise, as well as that of director Sarah Esdaile, whose edgy, beautifully acted production - played out on Ti Green's little miracle of a set - is as tough and tender as Framer's script.

Lyn Gardner - The Guardian

'A high-quality production from Clean Break, Compact Failure, is a brutal and honest prison drama about friendship, loyalty, forgiveness, and motherhood. It follows the stories of Ruthie (Claire-Louise Cordwell), Chelle (Lorna Gayle) and Maya (Sharlene Whyte) during their time in prison.'

Rachel Lynn Brody - British Theatre Guide

'Theatre does not get much more cutting edge than this.'

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Compact Failure - The Guardian

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