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The cast of Hope sitting on a sofa, Natasha is writing in a notebook, the rest are looking over to see what she is writing

Clean Break launch Online Knowledge Hub

A new online resource developed with support from Bloomberg Philanthropies

Following months of hard work, we are thrilled to launch the Knowledge Hub with the digital premiere of our new film Hope. Developed with the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Digital Accelerator for Arts and Culture, this platform will be an ever-growing library of resources, information and learning experiences.

The Knowledge Hub will build on Clean Break’s decades worth of knowledge and resources in women’s theatre, activism, trauma-informed practice and criminal justice sectors. Presented in a wide range of media, there will also be opportunities to gain a deeper insight into past and up-coming productions, with interviews, behind-the-scenes films and more. 

The Knowledge Hub will engage Clean Break’s three main audiences of theatre lovers, practitioners and students, and women who have experience of the criminal justice system or at risk of entering it, including Clean Break Members. 

Users will be able to navigate the Hub through three core areas, which each correspond to a strand of Clean Break’s work: 

Theatre, highlighting Clean Break’s productions from past and present, including exclusive access to our new film Hope.

Community, platforming our Members’ voices and providing creative wellbeing resources. 

Learning, exploring our unique, trauma-informed way of working and how we make an impact 

Erin Gavaghan, Clean Break Executive Director and co-CEO: “Investment in strengthening our organisation’s technological infrastructure will support our strategic ambitions. The Hub will enable us to expand our role as a leading force in the sectors we work in - sharing our practice, sparking compassion and action in our audiences, and investing in and nurturing the voices of our Members who are at the heart of Clean Break. We now have the perfect home for all the incredible content we have and plan to develop to reveal the depth of our practice and deepen understanding of the experiences of women who are marginalised in society.” 

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