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Rewrite the Rules for International Women's Day: an invitation to businesses

Clean Break is offering businesses an insight into our practice this March

Did you know 47% of women identify workplace environment and culture as the primary obstacle to their leadership development? It is therefore unsurprising that 44% believe their organisations aren’t prioritising enough support for women to achieve career goals. [The Pipeline, Women Count, 2023

This is why throughout March, Clean Break will be offering a limited number of one-hour training sessions for businesses who want to support their female colleagues in reaching their full potential and cultivate a culture of empowerment in their organisation.

Celebrate International Women’s Day by challenging the expectations put upon women in the workplace, from a position of awareness and empowerment, whilst supporting a charity that transforms the lives of women who have experienced challenges such as criminalisation, homelessness and mental ill health. 

Book a session for your team, and our expert facilitators will come to your workplace to share Clean Break’s unique insights, developed over four decades of supporting women to achieve beyond their highest expectations, and raising awareness of the visible and invisible ways which gender dynamics impact women professionally. 

The expert facilitators who will lead your session are Anna Herrmann and Katherine Yates. Anna is Artistic Director of Clean Break and has been working in the field of theatre and social change for thirty years. Katharine is a facilitator and coach, who uses creativity to lead cultural transformation work with a range of organisations. 

Set aside one hour, maybe over a lunch break, and provide your female employees with a platform to get inspired, learn new skills, shift perspectives and give their work a new lease of life. 

Women will leave the session 

  • Feeling refreshed and energised   
  • With a shift in perspective   
  • Seeing themselves differently   
  • With a sense of collective female power   
  • With insight into how our bold and unique organisation works 

The session will also provide a taster of how we work with our Achieving Greater Impact full day training and coaching offer. 

The details  

  • £599 (plus VAT) 
  • Valid for the month of March 2024  
  • Facilitators to visit your organisation 
  • Space requirements: Cleared space / Chairs / no tables / flipchart stand if possible 
  • 8-50 participants per session 

To register your interest or find out more information, please contact our Producer Maya:

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