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Introducing a Blueprint for Hope

The co-creators of our film Hope share a toolkit of resources to inspire hope and change.

“I can look at the world and either get drowned in it, or I can see the ocean as it is and look at the beauty and go, ok, what can I do?” 

Our Blueprint for Hope, a toolkit of ideas, exercises and prompts to accompany our co-created film, Hope, is now available to download. 

The document is intended to support the creative exploration of what hope means to you. It can be used individually, or as part of a group; you can choose specific exercises to do, or work through it from start to finish. 

The creative team used the exercises in this Blueprint to generate ideas, conversations, images and film footage that was edited together to make Hope  

Through this process, they conceived the film as a collage, understanding hope as a tapestry of individual people, actions and experiences that are woven together into something bigger.  

Now, they hope the Blueprint will enable you to think about and generate your own projects for hope. The intention is to cause a ripple effect, bringing more people along a journey of hope, because it’s not us that needs to change, it’s the world.  

Blueprint for Hope is available to purchase for £5 on our Knowledge Hub, where you will also find Hope the film.

Download our Blueprint for Hope

Blueprint for Hope is free for community groups. To request a free copy, email

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