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Thank You For Giving Hope

THANK YOU to everyone who donated, shared and supported our Women and Girls Match Fund campaign.

We have raised an incredible £55,157 (£56,733 with Gift Aid) towards the development of HOPE, a new digital project co-created by Clean Break Members and leading women artists.

With an awareness that we all need hope, perhaps now more than ever, we asked our community to submit their response to ‘what does hope means to you'. We are pleased to share with you two beautiful poems from Clean Break Members, Ann and Oriana and our 'wall of hope', created from responses we recieved on social media.

We are grateful to be able to share these poems and messages with you, and hope they bring you the same joy and empowerment they have brought to us.

to me, hope is the light that shines around you. Hope is the glory of healing strength. Hope is a ball of fire in the pit of your stomach that drives you forward to be the best version of you.  Hope is the start of each new day. Hope is when you realise you’re amazing just the way you are. Hope is having a safe space to find your voice, express yourself and to create a new narrative for your future. Hope is the trust that was lost in the chaos that Clean Break enables me to feel again.  Hope is empowering  Hope is power. By Oriana

our wall of hope, with messages from our community about what hope means to them.

As we develop this project, ‘hope’ and its unifying power, will continue to be part of the conversation at Clean Break. There is still time to share your words of hope, you can email us at

Thank you once again for following this journey, for sharing your hopes and for giving hope to women who face deep disadvantage.

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