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Clean Break Announce New Production: The Trials and Passions of Unfamous Women

Co-produced with London International Festival of Theatre, in proud association with Brixton House.

Women who dare to transgress will face judgement.

The world premiere of The Trials and Passions of Unfamous Women asks what is justice, and who has the power to decide. This bold and theatrical experience immerses us in the haze between the shared rituals of theatre and the halls of justice.

A passion is what obsesses us, what we take risks for. Throughout history, driven by "passion",  women have crossed the line between the legal and illegal, the moral and immoral and, because of that, faced the laws of their time.  Whether in public trials or in the intimacy of homes, a visible and invisible struggle has been waged against women who are judged for their passions.

Brazilian theatremakers Janaina Leite, Lara Duarte and Clean Break theatre company Members devise an epic journey through the theatre of judgement. We encounter the voices of historic, mythic women and the personal stories and passions of the women on stage, labelled as transgressive as truth and fiction collide.

London's International Festival of Theatre | Brixton House | 14 - 22 June 2024



Created by Janaina Leite, Lara Duarte and Athena Maria, Yvonne Wickham, Sarah-Jane Dent, Dominique Lavine Wood-Whyte and Kim Teresa (KT) Marsh
Concept, Dramaturgy and Direction - Janaina Leite
Co-Direction, Dramaturgy and Writing - Lara Duarte 
UK Associate Artist and Dramaturgy - Rachel Valentine Smith
Production Director for Artist team - Carla Estefan
Set & Costume Designer - Alex Berry
Sound Design - Mwen
Light Design - Sarah Readman

Artwork: Peek Images

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