Hyacinth Blue

Written by Kara Miller
Directed by Julie-Anne Robinson
13 October 1999 – 6 November 1999
Written by Kara Miller
Directed by Julie-Anne Robinson

Hyacinth Blue

13 October 1999 – 6 November 1999

Hyacinth Blue tells the stories of Patience, Abina and Charlotte, three women in prison. As Abina does Patiences hair, the voices draw us in as they weave their stories and plan their fantastic escape at a certain time on one particular day.

Award-winning playwright and director Kara Miller grew up in Jamaica and Barbados and read law at Oxford University.

Cast and Creatives

Andrea Hall

Mary Sheen

Martina Laird

Julie Anne Robinson

Aideen Malone

960x576 placeholder

Kate Tierney
Lighting Designer

'Miller presents us with three women who share a pristine prison cell. Patience is a romantic dreamer eagerly awaiting a visit from an oil-rigger pen-pal; Abina is a sombre salvationist whose constant reading is a leather-bound Bible; and Charlie is an eccentric upper-middle-class woman who creates Tube maps out of skeins of wool and obsessively records her impressions of a universe apparently on the brink of extinction.'

Michael Billington - The Guardian

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