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2 Metres Apart

Clean Break Launches 2 Metres Apart: socially distanced collaborations between Playwrights and Member Artists 

Led by our commitment to the alchemy between Artists and our Members, we are pleased to launch a new project, 2 Metres Apart, the joint commissioning of twelve writers from our artist community and twelve of our Member artists.

The twelve artistic collaborators are:

Ayesha Antoine and Yvonne Wickham
Deborah Bruce and Sarah Cowan
Katherine Chandler and Nicole Hall
Vivienne Franzmann and Kathryn O’Reilly
Sonya Hale and Lucy Edkins
Yasmin Joseph and River
Morgan Lloyd Malcolm and TerriAnn Cousins
Sabrina Mahfouz and Posy Sterling
Chloë Moss and Sarah Jane Dent
Ambreen Razia and Natasha Jean Sparkes
Danusia Samal and Funke Adeleke
Somalia Seaton and Eddy Emenike

Over the next 8 weeks our twelve pairs will meet digitally to work creatively, share ideas, and see what arises from the process. They could choose to co-write together, to each respond to a selected stimulus, for one artist to write for their partner to perform. Working on the understanding that both Artists’ skills and lived experience are equally valued, the pairs will work as collaborators on equal footing to explore what creative partnership could look like.  The project is focused on practise rather than product, providing our collaborators the space to explore and experiment. We have chosen not to focus on outcomes but to bring people together and maintain our commitment to nurture, employ and extend artists and our Members.

3 pairs of Artists have written blogs about the experience. Read them now:

Lucy Edkins and Sonya Hale
Nicole Hall and Katherine Chandler
Funke Adeleke and Danusia Samal

Click here to read the full press release.

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